Polar Bear Nation

We have all followed Klondike as he traveled across the country promoting the Polar Bear Nation Regional Challenge. We have heard his pleas to gather paws for participation!

Which region will be the winner of the Polar Bear Nation Regional Challenge? Klondike finished his tally and finally it's time to announce the winner of the Polar Bear Nation Regional Challenge

Fellow Polar Bears, you really showed your polar pride this year, and many regions were neck and neck with their percentages! But, I've kept you waiting long enough...

The winner of the Polar Bear Nation Regional Challenge is ... THE SOUTHEAST REGION, with an outstanding 11.5 percent participation! Click here to see how all the regions measured up in the competition!

Thank you to EVERYONE who gathered paws for participation this year. Without alumni like you, Ohio Northern's reputation for excellence could not continue to grow. In the past few months alone, ONU has received recognition for teaching quality, high graduation rates, commitment to volunteer service and, most impressively, providing a high return on investment (ROI) to its graduates.

I cannot say THANK YOU enough! And don't worry if your region didn't win this year - there's always next year's competition!

For ONU,


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