The Disruptive Force of Robots

Paolo Pirjanian, chief technology officer at iRobot, was the featured speaker for the College of Engineering’s Spotts Lecture in February. His speech was titled “The Disruptive Force of Robots in the Home and Beyond.”

As chief technology officer at iRobot, Pirjanian oversees advanced technology development and engineering for product development. Prior to joining iRobot, he served as chief executive officer of Evolution Robotics Inc. for seven years. Before that, Pirjanian was Evolution’s chief technology officer, developing advanced technologies for autonomous navigation and computer vision.

Pirjanian is the former U.S. chairman of the IEEE Robotics Industrial Activities Board and received the IEEE Robotics and Automation Early Career Award in 2004. He has more than 100 issued patents in robotics and related fields and holds a Ph.D. from Aalborg University in Denmark.